Knue who Slew the Dragon

Once upon a time Princess Eve was held captive in the castle by the great dragon, Ruynne. Many honorable knights of the Continent endeavored to rescue her, but all failed.

Knue knows what must be done, but lacks the courage to become an honored knight of the Continent, slay the dragon, and rescue the headstrong princess. Can he overcome his fear? And does Princess Eve, who has a mind of her own, even want to be rescued?

In this fairy tale fantasy, trepidation isn’t the only thing Knue must conquer—for an evil duke and his son are plotting to foil any knight that attempts to rescue the princess. But there is more than just Ruynne and the duke and his son standing between Knue and the princess—a wizard wanting to rule the kingdom waits in the wings to thwart everyone by claiming Princess Eve as his own bride.

Will Knue find within himself the valor he needs to overcome all of these obstacles and achieve a happily ever after ending?

Knue who Slew the Dragon is a novella told in the classical style of older genre fairy tales. It is a complete, stand-alone tale; however, Knue is also one of three tales with overlapping and intertwining characters and scenes. The other two books–Love and Absinth and Sycorax and the Sorcerer–are both available through Amazon KDP Select.

Knue who Slew the Dragon is now available on both Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Love and Absinth

Long before the rise of any great cities, before the demise of dragons, lived Love at the heart of the forest. Absinth, an explorer from the Island of Eden, travels to the forest at the heart of the heart of the Continent to find Love.

In this fairy tale novella, told in a style similar to older, classical fairy tales, Absinth falls in love with Love and they exchange wedding rings. But these are magical rings that cannot be removed, even when Love’s spell is broken. Or can they?

Absinth vows to find a way to remove the rings. The Old Man on the Island of Eden created the rings; he must be able to undo the spell he cast on them. Together, Love and Absinth travel over land and sea, in search of the Old Man.

Will Love and Absinth survive the perilous way, fraught with danger? Can they find the Old Wizard? And, if they do, will he agree to remove the charm from the rings?

Join the journey in the tale of Love and Absinth.  Now available on Amazon Kindle.


In the beginning, Sycorax the Sorceress created the Continent, placing Love at the heart of the forest. Jealous of Sycorax’s greater powers, her apprentice formed his own new land and called it the Island of Eden.

But the Old Wizard was not satisfied, so he then forged Ruynne, a fierce dragon, to attack the Continent and hold Princess Eve captive in the castle. Despite all of this, Sycorax still has a few tricks of her own up her sleeve.

Who will win the great war of the wizards?

Sycorax and the Sorcerer is a novella told in a style similar to older, classic fairy tales. It is a complete and stand-alone story. However, together with Love and Absinth and Knue who Slew the Dragon, it comprises one of the fairy tales in a trilogy containing intertwining characters and scenes.

Sycorax and the Sorcerer is currently available through Amazon Prime and KDP Select.



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