The Story of a Clever Czech Girl–#2 of #12in20

As soon as I came up with the idea of recording 12 tales in 2020, I knew somewhere in the mix, I’d have to include one of my personal favorites—Clever Manka.

I came across Clever Manka in a copy of “Best-Loved Folktales of the World” (1982. Chapter 99 Clever Manka (pp. 447-451).) but you can also find copies people have posted on the Internet.

I love Clever Manka for two main reasons—first, it’s light-hearted with a dose of humor, and second, it’s Czech (I can relate since I’m Bohemian 🙂 ). Hence, I’ve chosen to include it as the second Twelve in ‘20 tale—and after tenaciously working my way through the steep learning curve and editing it on my newly updated video-editing program, it’s ultimately done now.

I hope you enjoy #2 of #12in20 half as much as I do!