The Serbian Cinderella—#1 of #12in20

First off, I apologize that #1 of #12in20 is being posted much later than I’d planned. On top of finding the time to sit down and get it done, the editing program I’ve been using to put things together kept crashing to the point that I had to download the newest version. (The program is called OpenShot and is a wonderful free option, but I’m guilty of letting it get terribly outdated by several years… )

The good news is the first of Twelve in Twenty is FINALLY done, uploaded, and ready for you all to enjoy!

Since one of the first fairy tales that pops into my head when thinking about fairy tales in general is Cinderella, I thought some version of Cinderella would be perfect for the first Twelve in ’20 tale.

The particular Cinderella tale I’ve chosen to narrate is “Papalluga; Or, The Golden Slipper” selected and translated by Madam Csedomille Mijatovies, read from an 1874 edition of Serbian Folk-Lore: Popular Tales, pages 59-66, posted online.

… So enjoy #1 of #12in20: The Serbian Cinderella, “Papalluga; Or, The Golden Slipper.”