Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a little baby girl was born. As she grew, Debey Sklenar dreamed of writing fairy tales. But an Evil Queen called Life saw what Debey was doing and wanted to stop her from writing any fairy tales of her own. Hence, the Evil Queen put a curse on Debey so that she would be distracted from writing fairy tales. And so, for most of her life, Debey was distracted with other things, such as reading and dancing and playing hockey, not to mention the fact that she eventually had to get a “real” job and start paying the bills. But deep down, she never forgot her dreams.

When she got to college, she took English classes in the hopes that someday her dreams of becoming a published author would come true. Then, one day, that dream came true when Dance Teacher Now Magazine published an article Debey wrote in 1993 called “How Copyright Protects Your Choreography.” But this success only made the Evil Queen all the more jealous, and she placed another curse upon Debey so that she became even more distracted with everyday life. As she worked harder and harder to keep up and pay the bills, she began writing less and less and less. She went through jobs as a Master Control Operator and Director. On the side she became more and more distracted with dancing and choreographing. The Evil Queen called Life looked on from afar and was very well pleased with the results of her curse for quite some time.

Until one day when Prince Charming came along. He told her that the Evil Queen could only win if Debey let her and inspired her to keep pressing onward and to follow her dreams. So Debey fought life back and wrote a fairy tale of her own. Thus the curse was broken!

Or so she thought. Little did Debey realize that the Evil Queen could also foil her plans by enlisting the help of King Time to take away what little time she found to write. She had to fight the curses with all her strength as she battled to continue writing fairy tales of her own. Finally she found a way to complete a trilogy of three intertwining fairy tales. (She also writes middle grade fiction.  With a little luck, those books may someday be found in your local book store.)

Dragons, wizards, knights, princesses, love, chivalry and all sorts of courageous characters can be found in Debey’s fairy tale writing. Myth has it that a pair of enchanted rings can be found in her fairy tales. Another legend has it that Love was removed from the heart of the heart of the forest.

Still to this day, the Evil Queen continues to interfere by casting her curses. In response, Debey fights back by writing with what time she can find. And that happily-ever-after ending continues to get closer and closer and closer.

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