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4 thoughts on “Contact and General Comments

  1. Randall Perry

    I like your website. I was looking for dragons covered in gold for my latest ADnD adventure. Thanks. I’m on FB as Dakota Perry.


  2. I have come across a picture of little red riding hood like the one you have shown below.
    it’s framed and matted and appears to be pretty old a stamp on the back say rademakers. The image jumps off the page and is almost 3d.
    Do you have a any info you can pass along?


    1. I’m guessing you saw “The Evolution of Little Red Riding Hood” ( ) post?
      Little Red standing next to a white wolf was created by Katrina Winter on Deviant Art (, Red walking through a very dark forest is by Annya Kai and can be found at , the black and white image of Little Red in bed next to a wolf dressed in Grandma’s clothes is a reproduction of the French artist Gustave Doré’s woodcut (info at ), Little Red with a big black wolf behind her is by Madalyn McLeod ( ), and the Little Red facing off against the wolf in the pouring rain was something I found on Pinterest with no attribution listed, but is a downloadable picture from . However, a “Rademakers” stamp may indicate either Abraham Rademaker ( ) or Louis Raemaekers ( ) may have been responsible for the work you found.
      If it’s none of these, maybe ask a local art educator if they would know?


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