“The Box”—A Scary Retelling of the Japanese Folk Tale for Halloween

As soon as the month turned to October, I began thinking about spooky stories and wondered whether there might be any creepy fairy or folk tales out there appropriate for Halloween. As it turns out, Japan has a whole slew of creepy urban legends, along with a whole host of scary folk tales.

Title Slide from "The Box" Japanese Folk Tale Digital Story
Title Slide from “The Box” Japanese Folk Tale Digital Story

Inspired by “The Box”—another one of those spooky Japanese folk tales, which I read in Scary Folk Tales edited by Megan Kopp, I decided to adapt it into a digital story. So if you’re in the mood for a spooky story this Halloween (or any other time), wait until it gets dark late at night, turn off all the lights, then click on the link below (or go to YouTube to watch).

Happy Halloween!!! 🙂