The Importance of Net Neutrality

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted—I’ve been taking some online MLIS classes from the University of Alabama. As part of one class project, I was assigned to a group task to explore the topic of Net Neutrality. I really want this blog to remain primarily all about middle grade and fairy tale-related fare, but I feel Net Neutrality is important enough that I wanted to post about it today. Please share what you find here with others.

For those of you that don’t know, Net Neutrality is basically the idea that all websites should be treated equally–no one should be restricted or blocked from viewing whatever website they want and, likewise, websites should not be buried–both simply for refusing to pay extra. However, several Internet Service Providers would like to see less regulation in this area so that they may introduce new ways to charge for access to the internet. To me, this is wrong. Small websites like mine could potentially become virtually undiscoverable to users.

Below is the link to my group’s Net Neutrality project. (Presented as a LibGuide.) Please check it out to find out more about Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality Lib Guide
Net Neutrality Lib Guide

Or, if you would rather watch a video summary of what’s going on with Net Neutrality–that was also part of the project–it can be found on YouTube.

. . . And I absolutely promise to have a fairy tale post very soon!

Addendum: In January 2015, a Congressional Bill was introduced that would restrict the powers of the FCC where ISPs are concerned. I saw it in an article by Jonathan Zhou called “Congress Proposes Net Neutrality Rules“. If you do not want Internet Service Providers to have complete control of the internet, feel free to contact your own Congressional Representative.


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